Kayaking in London is a Great Activity for the Whole Family

Kayaking in London is an awesome activity for the whole family to enjoy. This can be done in a canoe, on a kayak or even a paddle board. You will find a variety of places to enjoy your experience, such as the Thames River Adventures, Active360 and the Medway Canoe Trail.


Canoeing in London is a popular sport, and it’s also a great way to explore the city. With lots of green spaces and iconic landmarks, there are many different destinations to choose from.

The best option for a canoeing experience in London is the Thames. There are numerous places to launch a canoe and the water is clear enough to swim in in many places. You can take part in various trips along the river, from a simple one-hour paddle to a full day tour.

Another great destination for canoeing in London is the Lee Valley, also known as the Lea. This inland river is just a few miles outside the city, and is easy to get to by train.


If you are looking for a unique way to see London, consider taking a kayaking experience. You can rent a kayak or take your own. The water is clean, and it’s a fantastic way to get outside. Plus, you’ll be able to experience a different side of the city.

There are plenty of destinations in and around the capital that offer an excellent paddling experience. Some of them have excellent scenery as well. For example, the Lea is a small river that flows into the Thames in east London. It’s quiet and serene, making it a perfect place for a relaxing paddle.


If you are looking for a fun way to explore London’s waterfront, then paddleboarding could be the answer. It’s a water sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. There are plenty of locations to choose from, from the tranquil canal network in the west to the bustling city centre in the east.

Paddleboarding is a popular activity in London. In fact, there are three SUP centres in the capital. One is located at the Thames and the other two are in Camden and Kew Bridge. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, these companies will cater to your needs.

Medway canoe trail

If you’re looking to get out and experience the outdoors, you should consider kayaking the River Medway. This is a great way to see London from a different perspective. You’ll be able to paddle through the countryside, through towns, and pass reed beds.

The river has many tidal reaches. It starts in the Ashdown Forest and passes through the Vale of Kent and High Weald. There are six canoe passes along the way.

The medway canoe trail is an 18 mile route. It’s a great adventure for all types of paddlers.


One of the most fun and unique ways to see London is by kayaking the Thames. It is one of the cleanest rivers in the city and offers a wide variety of wildlife. A cruising trip on the Thames will give you a glimpse of the city’s history and iconic buildings.

The best part about paddling the Thames is that it is relatively easy to get started. Just head to any of the Active360 centers and they will help you find a kayak or SUP. You’ll be able to choose from different destinations around the city and have a great time with your friends or family.

Moo Canoes

Moo Canoes is one of the most unique places to hire a boat in London. It is a small company that offers kayaking trips on the River Thames and the North London Canals. This company was formed in 2012 by two freelance coaches, Alfie and Katy, who had a passion for water sports.

Moo Canoes offers a variety of canoe trips, including sightseeing tours, group trips, CSR events and volunteer sessions. They also offer individual rentals. The company has a fleet of comfortable and stable canoes, available for individuals and families. Whether you’re a novice or experienced paddler, you’ll enjoy Moo Canoes.

Thames River Adventures

Kayaking is a great way to explore London. You can hire a canoe or join a guided tour. There are lots of different destinations to choose from. The Thames River is perfect for a fun day out. It offers a variety of opportunities for kayaking and is also a great place to see wildlife.

You can kayak in London for a couple of hours or you can do it for a full day. You can take the trip with a friend or your partner and you will get to see a lot of the city.