Kayaking in Kent

kayaking experience kent

Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable water sports in the world. You can do it in many ways, including on rivers and lakes. Many places in Kent offer guided tours. You can choose from places such as Canoe Wild and Crooked River Adventures. Other locations include Mote Park and the Royal Military Canal.

Canoe Wild

If you are interested in getting out on the water, a canoeing experience in Kent could be perfect for you. Canoe Wild offers a variety of kayaking and SUP trips, as well as raft-building courses. You can even get a qualification or award for your kayaking or SUP experience.

This canoeing and kayaking experience is a great way to get to know this beautiful county. It features 350 miles of coastline, along with many stunning rivers and canals. You can also explore the Medway Canoe Trail, a scenic route that runs through the county’s heart. Another popular option is the Royal Military Canal, which is a great place for family fun. You’ll also find great opportunities to spot seals, which live in the area.

Crooked River Adventures

Kent residents can now take advantage of a new kayaking experience. Crooked River Adventures, part of Kent Parks and Recreation, opened its doors for business on River Day, May 17. Currently, there are six-weekend paddling trips, plus weekday trips for groups of five or more. There are also special programs such as Paddle the Parks, which allow participants to experience the Cuyahoga River while learning about the local ecology.

The Cuyahoga River starts as a trickle and grows into a wide watercourse that enters Lake Erie in Cleveland. One of the most popular areas to explore this river by kayak is in the Kent area. While this area is challenging in the spring, the summer months are relatively easy to navigate.

Royal Military Canal

The Royal Military Canal is a popular location for canoeing and kayaking in Kent. Located near Maidstone, this canal is 28 miles long and follows an old cliff line alongside Romney Marsh. It was originally built as a means of defence against Napolean’s invasion and now has several Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The canal is also a great place to take a family kayaking or canoeing adventure.

The canal is a popular recreational activity and is home to many wildlife. You can spot a variety of birds, amphibians, and other wildlife on this walk along the path. The river is also home to a variety of bird species.

Mote Park

If you are interested in having a Kayaking experience in Maidstone, Kent, look no further than the Mote Park Watersports Centre. This centre is a recognised RYA training centre and can provide British Canoeing qualifications. Their courses are geared towards beginners but are suitable for all levels.

In addition to kayaking, Mote Park also offers several other watersports. This includes playing boating, sea kayaking, and canoeing. The centre also runs a Paddle Power Scheme, which is designed to get beginners into the sport. The centre also offers British Canoeing awards.

Crooked River Commute

You can join the Crooked River Commute kayaking expedition if you are in the Cleveland area. The two-day paddle is designed to encourage the use of the river as a shared resource. You’ll get to explore the beauty of nature while getting a good workout. The team behind the event also hopes to create a documentary film about the project.

You’ll want to plan your trip according to the tidal currents and weather conditions. You can also rent kayaks or other equipment from a local company.


UWild kayaking is a fun and gentle outdoor activity for the entire family. This tour offers a variety of packages that will help you develop skills and confidence on the water. The company provides all the equipment you’ll need, and they have experienced coaches to guide you along the way. You can expect to see the stunning scenery and get up close to wildlife.

You can choose to explore Kent by kayak or canoe. You can choose from a variety of routes and launch points. For those with less experience, there are also tours available on a bike. If you’re interested in combining kayaking with cycling, Canoe Wild has teamed up with Euro cycle Adventures to offer bicycle and kayak tours.