Kayaking and Music – The Best Songs for Paddling

Kayaking and Music The Best Songs for Paddling

No matter if you’re on a river trip or trying to escape your mind, music is the best way to take yourself away and forget about reality. We’ve curated an assortment of our favorite songs that will help get you through each day as you float by.

Sonic Kayak, a citizen science project, utilizes underwater audio, water temperature data and GPS-triggered sounds to create an inspiring soundtrack that benefits not only your mind but also your kayaking experience. It truly represents citizen science at its finest!

James Gordon

James Gordon, the GCPD Commissioner of Gotham City and one of Batman’s closest allies, shares the hero’s passion to rid Gotham City of crime and corruption. Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), Gordon gained notoriety through his portrayal on the television series Gotham.

Gordon is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, drawing upon his extensive knowledge of modern army programs as well as advanced unarmed and armed techniques. He has faced off against expert fighters such as the Order of St. Dumas, Talons of the Court of Owls and even assassins from League of Shadows. Furthermore, Gordon possesses excellent stick wielding abilities – using batons and other sticks in battle – which allow him to dominate opponents with ease.

Jim was educated in numerous combat disciplines such as boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo and escrima. Additionally, he has extensive experience using various weapons like firearms, knives and swords.

Jason Skolimski is an intelligent man with excellent judgment and moral values, having spent much of his career on the police force. Unfortunately, this experience has hardened him and he no longer adheres to GCPD ideals.

He has now begun acting more like a brutal enforcer who is determined to complete his task. This is because he has come to accept that sometimes breaking with one’s beliefs for justice’s sake may be necessary.

On his arrival in Miami to speak with Falcone about taking down Cobblepot, Sofia visits him and expresses her desire to stay with him. At first reluctant, he eventually consents.

Gordon meets with Falcone at a table, accompanied by Sofia. Gordon asks for his assistance in taking down Cobblepot but Falcone declines, explaining that he is dying and leaving the city could put at risk his health.

He agrees to meet Falcone again in Miami and they both reach an agreement: Gordon will send them through the entrance of the building in exchange for Cobblepot’s death.

Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn has the unique gift of creating music that not only entertains, but also challenges viewers to think. With over fifty years in the industry, his repertoire includes compositions on environmental concerns, human rights and social justice issues.

His music has taken him around the world and he recently settled in San Francisco with his wife and three year old daughter. At this stage of life, he can focus on his art, activism and writing; releasing a documentary film about his music as well as Rumours of Glory – his memoir which will be published by HarperOne soon.

On this tour, Bruce has performed both classic songs and those from his recent Bone on Bone album. It was an uplifting evening, with audiences responding enthusiastically.

After an opening acoustic guitar and keyboard intro, Bruce changed to a twelve string and launched into “In The Falling Dark,” from his 1976 album. To a rousing response from the audience, Bruce then returned to an acoustic six string for “Lovers in a Dangerous Time,” from his 1976 album.

This song was composed after Django Reinhardt participated in a ramp ceremony in Afghanistan as a memorial to those who have passed away. It features an evocative instrumental that incorporates Django Reinhardt with John Lee Hooker-style drumming.

Cockburn shares his reflections on the death of a friend in this track, reflecting on its significance to him. His music often incorporates spiritual themes and this one does not disappoint. The piano melody is lifted by Gary Craig’s clip clop horse hoove-like percussion as strings add an iridescent sheen to the mix.

Cockburn’s Comets of Kandahar is another memorable track from their trip to Afghanistan, described as a Django Reinhardt instrumental. This catchy tune has an electrifying climax that recalls Django/John Lee Hooker duo with stunning metallic percussion.

David Hadfield

David Hadfield is a Canadian singer/songwriter, wilderness adventurer, historic aircraft pilot and classic boat sailor. His songs are captivating and evocative; telling stories that will make you laugh out loud, feel the breeze in your hair, and stay in your heart for years to come.

James Raffan has composed four albums of music, including Canoesongs – an ideal collection for those who love paddling and are seeking new songs to add to their playlists. Compiled by James Raffan and Paul Mills, the album includes fourteen tracks with six recorded especially for the project.

This album of songs is an absolute joy to listen to, and I can’t praise them enough for those who appreciate kayaking but want something different from pop/rock music. What’s great about these songs is that they’re not overly heavy or boring – this means they won’t detract from your experience while paddling.

His song “Shield” is an exquisite tribute to the Canadian Shield waterways north of Kenora, where he has spent many hours canoeing. It’s an exquisite track that will surely leave you with a lasting impression of just how much he cherishes this part of Canada.

Hadfield not only writes and sings, but he also teaches wilderness travel skills. He has published many articles on leading successful wilderness adventures and even built his own gear to recreate the equipment used by pioneers.

He is a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and holds both a glider pilot license and powered flight license. Additionally, he has extensive teaching experience in skiing and ski racing.

When not writing or traveling, Hadfield is an accomplished wilderness canoeist and loves to share his enthusiasm for nature with others. He’s even written an instructional paddling guide to Canada’s Shield region as well as having his own YouTube channel featuring videos of him paddling.

He is an incredibly inspirational and entertaining writer, with books full of amazing adventures that will make you want to go on your own adventures. In October this year he will release The Apollo Murders, set in space and featuring high-tech action and danger.

Ian Tamblyn

Ian Tamblyn is a legendary Canadian folk music pioneer who has received many accolades over the years, including two Juno awards. As an accomplished songwriter, he has released 38 albums and written many memorable songs. Additionally, his list of musical collaborators includes Bruce Cockburn, Alex Houghton and Furnaceface.

He has been performing in the Ottawa-Hull region for many years and is currently the artistic director of the Ottawa Grassroots Festival. His latest album, Voice in the Wilderness, showcases a wide range of styles.

On this album, there are several instrumental songs sure to please your ears. One standout number is Banzai Washout which seamlessly combines elements of symphony and percussion.

This song is a tribute to Sir Francis Chichester, an intrepid explorer who made a solo circumnavigation of the globe from 1966-67. While it may be a bit of a novelty item, its message does have some merit.

Tamblyn’s signature instrumental track, Magnetic North, pays homage to his many adventures in Canada’s far reaches. This composition consists of field recordings of moose, salmon and other wildlife which have been looped and played back on synthesizer.

Overall, this song will surely give you a feeling of royalty while out on the water! It makes an excellent accompaniment to some of the best paddling songs for kids.

The ideal song for paddlers is actually the title track from this album, though it isn’t included here. There are plenty of other great tunes to keep your boat moving forward! So if you’re searching for some music to keep your boat rockin’ along with me, take a listen!