Kayaking and Astronomy – Stargazing on the Water

Kayaking and Astronomy Stargazing on the Water

An ocean horizon with no coastal obstructions and clear skies can offer breathtaking astronomical spectacles. Watching the full Moon rise over an eastern horizon is especially spectacular, its deep orange lunar disc slowly appearing over water before dancing its glitter path upward.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Flaming Gorge Reservoir offers an idyllic environment for kayaking and swimming. Nestled against the mountain slopes straddling Wyoming-Utah border, this reservoir has become a beloved boating and fishing hub as well as home for hundreds of miles of hiking trails.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Wyoming’s largest reservoir, lies behind Flaming Gorge Dam on the Green River and was completed in 1964 to serve as an important water storage system for Colorado River.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir comes alive during summer with happy anglers eager to catch kokanee salmon, rainbow trout and huge lake trout from its waters. There are various marinas and boat ramps around it offering rental boats along with food, gas, supplies and much more besides!

Lake Mead is a world-class fishery, where anglers regularly reel in fish weighing over 30 pounds. There are also plenty of smaller species like Kokanee salmon and Smallmouth bass to target for anglers looking for something fun!

However, drought in parts of the American West has many concerned that Flaming Gorge might be in jeopardy. A 20-year drought has taken hold across the Colorado River Basin while seven Western states vie for their share under the Colorado River Compact; Flaming Gorge serves as an important flashpoint in this struggle over how much water can be allocated to support both water use and conservation goals.

In April, the Bureau of Reclamation announced its plans to release enough water to cause Flaming Gorge to recede by 15 feet (4.6 meters), so as to help Glen Canyon Dam in northern Arizona continue generating electricity 450 miles (725 kilometers downstream.

However, due to requests from four Upper Basin states, that plan has been temporarily suspended in part to accommodate their request to continue working together on water conservation plans while giving Lower Basin states access to their supplies in times of need.

Lower Basin states such as California, Arizona and Nevada have legally agreed to draw water from the Upper Basin every year. Upper Basin states on the other hand are responsible for managing their own supply; they should determine when extra water should be released from storage sites in order to meet needs of their Upper Basin neighbors, Shawcroft explained.

Laurel Hill Lake

Laurel Hill Lake offers an ideal spot for kayaking and enjoying nature. Spanning over 63 acres, there is also a sandy beach where swimmers can splash about. To add to its appeal, paddle boats and canoe rentals are also available here.

The park offers several trails and a fishing pier for anglers to take advantage of, providing plenty of opportunities to catch bass, trout, catfish and bluegill species.

Many fishermen come to Laurel Hill Lake from Pittsburgh and all across Pennsylvania to fish for various species, such as brook trout, panfish, perch and bass.

Laurel Hill Lake, one of the few middle Tennessee lakes where blue catfish have thrived, also boasts some very large catfish, with TWRA biologist John Riddle estimating an average summer-caught blue catfish measuring 15 inches on average.

Fishing from a boat provides an unforgettable experience at Lake Washington. Rent paddleboats, canoes and kayaks from the park’s concession area for this experience – or use your own.

Hiking is another favorite activity at the park. There are over 13 miles of trails for visitors to explore, providing experienced hikers with challenging routes as well as enjoyable sections that are suitable for families.

Snowmobiling is an enjoyable outdoor pastime during the winter. There is a 10-mile trail system in the park that connects with an over-60-mile system in Forbes State Forest; these trails are open daily until January, except during deer hunting season when they may close for safety.

If you need an escape from city life, Laurel Hill Lake Park offers the ideal setting. Packed full of activities for everyone in the family ranging from hiking and cross-country skiing, as well as picnic pavilions where parties can reserve tables near the water for private functions, there are even cabins and cottages where overnight stays can be accommodated.

Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake provides several locations ideal for stargazing on the water, including Ridenour Overlook and Hawn’s Overlook on its northern end. Both provide breathtaking views of both the lake itself and its dam.

At this lovely locale, there are also multiple places where you can admire the stunning night sky. Bring along a telescope for an incredible stargazing experience!

When it comes to boating, public launches offer many convenient locations. Some offer large parking areas so it may be beneficial to arrive early in the day; others like Seven Points and Snyder’s Run may fill up quickly on busy days so it is wise to plan accordingly.

Raystown Lake beaches provide an ideal place for relaxing or just taking time for yourself. Open seasonally between Memorial Day and Labor Day, these popular attractions of this COE lake.

Camping at this COE lake is another popular pastime, and there are multiple campsites to choose from at Nancy’s Campground or close by Aitch and James Creek boat ramps.

If you enjoy wildlife viewing, Seven Points Beach provides an excellent spot for birdwatching. There are numerous species to spot here including eagles and ospreys!

Mallards and ducks, among other species of waterfowl, are counted at the lake during winter. Some are residents while others migrate from far-off breeding grounds.

There are also numerous ruins worthy of exploration, including the Brumbaugh Homestead built in 1804 that served as home for seven generations of one family.

There’s no reason not to visit Huntingdon County with so many activities available at this stunning destination; here you’ll be able to escape the stress and noise of modern living for peace and serenity.

Sara’s Campground

Sara’s Campground offers both fun and relaxation. Situated near Lake Erie, this campground features camping on the beach as well as plenty of amenities.

Presque Isle State Park is nearby, making the campground the ideal spot to spend the day exploring all that this peninsula has to offer. The state park features a peninsula that extends out into Presque Isle Bay for boating and fishing activities – while you’ll also find many relaxing beaches where you can take in stunning vistas and enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

Campground guests can easily explore and swim the lake thanks to this camp’s proximity. They can rent a kayak if necessary for greater efficiency around its waters.

No matter your experience level or skill set, kayaking is an incredible activity that the whole family can enjoy together. The calm waters of Lake Texoma offer ideal conditions for kayaking and swimming alike!

While kayaking may be your go-to activity for family fun, check out your local zoo or children’s museum as another fun family activity! These attractions provide great ways to bond and have an awesome time together.

Sara’s Diner is a must-stop stop during summer for both locals and visitors, serving up delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries, and orange twist cones. Stop in today to experience all that this charming spot has to offer!

At this Erie campsite, one of its greatest advantages is its security gate that ensures non-campers won’t come in and ruin your enjoyment. Furthermore, this Erie campsite features a game room and outdoor basketball courts to keep all members of the family occupied, plus there’s also a general store nearby with any essential items that may come in handy while away from home.

It stands out among Erie campgrounds because of its beach location and range of activities to keep your family occupied during their stay. Furthermore, their staff is helpful and friendly while facilities are kept clean throughout. Furthermore, it offers easy access to both Presque Isle State Park and Presque Isle Beach Park for an enjoyable vacation experience.