Get a Kayaking Experience Scotland

kayaking experience Scotland

If you love adventure and the great outdoors, you might consider getting a kayaking experience Scotland. There are many different places to go in Scotland to have an incredible kayaking adventure, such as the Outer Hebrides, the Summer Isles, the Sound of Arisaig and more. You can also take a canoeing or kayaking tour in the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals.

Sea kayaking on Scotland’s wild west coast

Scotland’s wild west coast is one of the most stunning sea kayaking destinations in the world. The area offers a plethora of coastlines and islands, ranging from calm sea lochs to rugged cliffs. There are a host of species in the Scottish waters, including dolphins, porpoises and golden eagles.

If you’re looking to do a sea kayaking trip in Scotland, it’s important to be well-equipped. A full kit is included with your trip. This includes camping gear, food, and all the instruction you need. In addition, a guide will be able to tell you the best routes to take and offer advice on paddling.

Canoeing on Scotland’s lochs and rivers

Scotland’s rivers and lochs offer a variety of canoeing experiences. They are also great for exploring Scottish countryside.

Some of the most popular canoeing and kayaking routes in Scotland include the Caledonian Canal, the River Tay, the Spey, the Loch Ness and the Great Glen. You can paddle the entire length of the Tay, from Fort William to Inverness, or do sections of the waterways in different locations.

The Scottish Canoe Association provides a number of resources to get you started. They can help you learn to paddle or provide a multi-day canoeing trip. Their website has a wealth of information on getting started, canoeing safety and equipment.

Sea kayaking in the Summer Isles

If you want to get away from it all, then the Summer Isles may be just the ticket. With over twenty islands in the archipelago, there is plenty to explore. From tunnels to rock arches, and caves to wild camping, there is no shortage of things to see and do.

The Summer Isles are a beautiful cluster of islands in the North West corner of Scotland. They are just north of the small fishing port of Ullapool. A sea kayak trip to the islands is a fantastic way to experience pristine waters and wildlife. During the summer months, the islands are abuzz with seals and other sea life.

Sea kayaking in the Sound of Arisaig

The Sound of Arisaig is a sheltered sea loch that can be accessed via a sea kayak. This part of the West Coast of Scotland has a lot to offer, and is ideal for a family sea kayaking holiday. Its islands are teeming with wildlife, and there are plenty of pubs and cafes to take a break.

There is also a thriving otter population. Sea kayaking is a popular activity in this area. For this reason, it’s important to be sure you have enough experience to do the trip safely.

This trip has something for everyone. For starters, there are sea lochs, rocky inlets, sandy beaches, and remote bays. You can even camp on a remote island beach.

Canoeing on Scotland’s Forth & Clyde and Union Canals

Canoeing on Scotland’s Forth & Clyde and Union Canals is a great way to see this area of Scotland. You can choose to either travel through the 87 km trail or take shorter trips. Both canals run through densely populated areas.

If you are traveling by foot, you can find paved walkways along the route. These are perfect for slowing down and taking in the scenery. The canal towpaths offer a peaceful spot for walking and fishing.

The Forth & Clyde and Union canals have been restored to full working waterways. There are five locks on the route. Portages at lock stations are necessary.

Sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides is the place to go if you want to get out and enjoy some sea kayaking. You will be rewarded with a plethora of interesting sights.

While you’re on the water, you’ll be treated to a range of islands, from the inhabited to the uninhabited. There are several islands that are surprisingly easy to navigate. One of the more popular offshore destinations is St Kilda. As the name suggests, this island has the highest sea cliffs in Britain, not to mention one of the largest gannet colonies in the world.

It is also a good place to get your sea kayaking fix, particularly if you’re after a downwind run. In addition, it’s got some of the best kitesurfing conditions in the UK.